Welcome to my blog and personal site! My name is Allen and I’m currently a PhD student in the Decision, Risk, and Operations (DRO) division of Columbia Business School. I was previously a data scientist at Wealthfront, a Silicon Valley company which provides software-based solutions to personal financial planning and investment management.

I have a BA in Mathematical Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, with minors in Statistics and Political Science. I’m broadly interested in data science, economics, and U.S. and Chinese current affairs. I try to keep tabs on all of these things and more on Twitter, where you can find a more comprehensive view of my interests. I’m also active on Goodreads and Strava.

This site is built with blogdown and Hugo and deployed with Netlify. The minimalist theme is based on Ivy by Darren Mulholland. I’m using a version for Hugo (hugo-ivy) made by Yihui Xie, who also made blogdown and many other wonderful tools for R.